In our shop we host some of the most famous and exciting greek handmade jewellery designers. Here you can find information about them


Sarina Beza

Rhythm and movement, rare techiques,, 925 sterlnig silver, silver and gold 18 carats. Rough diamonds, vibrant artistic sensivity. These are the materials she uses to express with simplicity her jewellery designs. The uniqueness in their construction and design constitute a new proposition that transcends greek jewellery. “Sweet or sour story, long or short, old or new, every woman can tell a story and the best way to tell it is through a jewel. A narrative with style, rhythm and grace. Constructed in gold or silver. Decorated with precius or semi precious stones but always unique and especialy designed for you. An original story, a story of emotion for you made by Sarina’s Hands”


Born in Athens in 1966 – 1980 State Art Laboratory – 1986 Studied alongside sculptress Baet Zanin and developed her portofolio for her later studies – 1987 Studied in Israel in the school of fine arts (specialised in Jewellery) – 1991 Group exhibition in Tel-Aviv Israel on “Greek Mythology”‘ – 1992 Opening of my own workshop in Athens. Since then working on designing Sarina Jewellery and promoting sales in Greece and abroad (1998 exports to Germany, 2000 exports to USA, 2002 exports to Belgium) – 2003 Group exhibition in Gallery Marneri “Artist in Matrimony” – 2006 Member of JAW (JEWELLERΥ ART WORKERS) – 2007 Group exhibition with JAW on “water” in Athens and in Thessalonici (2008) – 2009 Group exhibition in Thessalonii. Tribute to the Greek Cinema. Participation at Inhorgenta in Germany – 2011 November “Gallery NIMFES” – 2011 “Drama and the Jeweller” to institution Kakogiannh – 2012 Exports to Australia – 2013 September conferment jewelleries to the arrival ceremony of the olympic flame in ancient olympia – 2014 january awarded from olympic committee – 2014 may group participation for the exhibition “sumbols” of jaw in athens – 2014  october “gallery nimfes” -participation at exhibition – 2014 november “actus” participation at exhibition – 2015 february gazi technopolis “a jewel made in greece” – 2016 group exhibition in gallery marneri – 2016 exhibition in internation airport of greece “el.venizelos” – 2016  participation at jewelry week in athens – 2016 group exhibition “territory” at lalaounis museum – 2017 group exhbition “trinity” in gallery marneri.


Creating hand made jewellery is a task that demands hard work and concentration, but at the same time is a challenge to put our thoughts and feelings through something so popular as a jewel. With vision, inspiration and good humor we welcome you to our own “material” world, the world of jewels.

In 2001 Marianna and Vaggelis founded the “Jewels in art” company in Thessaloniki. They took part in various exhibitions and their collections can be found at carefully selected stores and galleries all over the world.

Marianna Grammatikou took part in the 2nd Biennale of Young Artists (Thessaloniki 1986) and in “6000 Years of Greek Jewellery” (Thessaloniki 1997).

Vaggelis Michailidis took part in the 11th Biennale of Young Artists (Thessaloniki 2003).

Eleftheriou Maria

The last 40 years Eleftheriou Jewelry Collections maintain a strong presence in the field of handmade jewelry. Kostas Eleftheriou, founder and creator, with the inspiration of the Greek art of the Byzantine period, won a place in the long history of Greek jewelry. With a page dedicated to his outstanding work in the special edition, “The Greek Jewels: 5000 Years of Tradition” published by the Ministry of Culture, and with customers like Abba, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Soraya and Omar Sharif, the Eleftheriou collections acquired an international reputation quite early.

His daughter Maria Eleftheriou, graduate of Mokume and prize-winner in many jewelry design competitions, showed an early passion for the handmade jewelry. Following her father’s path for the last decade, working with unparalleled attention to detail and constant awareness of contemporary design, Maria has managed to place Eleftheriou collection in the demanding and rapidly variable, global market.

With constant references in Elle Magazine and Vogue Magazine, Eleftheriou Jewelry Collections have gained a loyal and growing clientele both in Greece and abroad. Following the tradition of using high quality materials and design, always focused on femininity, the collections are characterized by dynamic, clean and timeless forms.

Stella Deligianni

Stella Deligianni was born in Thessaloniki. She studied economics at the University of Thessaloniki, but, soon, her creative aspirations drew her into the world of jewellery. In 1984, the duo «Pleiades» was formed and, at the same time, a place under the same name was created at the centre of Thessaloniki, where she began experimenting with the materials and techniques used in the «art of jewellery». Constant research of new materials and techniques, approached in a highly personal way, led very quickly to the creation of a distinct personal style.

In 1989, she attended the Mocume school of jewellery. From 1990 to 1995, she taught in a private school of jewellery. In 2000, after the duo «Pleiades» closed its circle, she set off on a new personal journey. Always faithful to handmade jewellery, she never stopped developing her own techniques and forms. Her creations can be found at selected stores around Greece and abroad.

Tania Drakidou

Tania Drakidou attended courses of free drawing and Byzantine icons and in 1999, graduated from MOKUME School, where she specialized in handmade and productive jewelry. The last twenty years, she designs and makes her own jewelry collections. She works with gold and silver, diamonds and precious stones.


2002: 1st prize in the 5th Panhellenic jewellery making competition, EL.K.A.
1999: 1st prize in the 4th Panhellenic jewellery design competition, EL.K.A.
1998: 3rd prize in the 2nd Panhellenic jewellery design competition, EL.K.A.