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Our shops are located in the old city of Chania, in the Venetian port. The old city of Chania is an enchanting magic dreamy labyrinth. Rarely does a person come across such locations/places fraught to such an extent with historic memories, which are presented to you with great skill through the architecture of the buildings that surround the Venetian port and carry odours from ages back in time (previous ages), thus entangling the visitor into a nostalgic game of senses, mixture of East and West. Magnificent Venetian mansions overlook its neighborhoods and catch your eye wherever you look at. With cobbled narrow streets (alleys), inviting you to follow them and come to dead ends, to discover the most important places in the pedestrian zones and to end up to the hustle and bustle of the famous Venetian port which has been photographed by so many people. There you can see the venetian lighthouse, the Kiutsuk Chasan Pasha mosque and the Big Shipyard which are typical highlights of the city.

Life within the Venetian walls of the Old City never stops, especially during summer, whereas in winter the waves often overflow the quay opposite the port’s entrance. One of the most beautiful cities in Greece unfolds here its compelling scenery. Venetians, Turks and during the short period of the Cretan State, Europeans, left their mark on a city overflowing with life and besieged by visitors throughout the whole year. During the summer when thousands of visitors stroll in the alleys as well as on winter days when the sun shines, many are those who indulge in the quiet sight of the venetian port: it is during that period that foreign tourists can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Strolls in Chania are a tour in the long history of the city. Therein you will find us . And the travel in the area of the greek handmade designs has just started…

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