It’s Αll Greek Οn Μe

Doric design and strict geometric elements are the signature style of the It’s Αll Greek Οn Μe label. The contemporary styling of our resort wear, bags and accessories breathes new life into traditional geometric motifs, and our designs have a hugely enthusiastic following both in Greece and abroad.

We use materials produced in Greece – canvas, linen, felt, leather and silk – and follow traditional Greek techniques. The result is unique creations inspired by the tradition of handmade, embroidered fabrics handed down over the years as the “bride’s dowry”. In short, the It’s Αll Greek Οn Μe brand has given a new lease of life to the creative skills found in Greece’s rich folk traditions – skills which would otherwise have been “left hidden away in the corner” and which would disappear over the years.

Our story began in the spring of 2014 when we were chatting about the traditional “dowry chests” given to brides by their mothers and grandmothers with handmade embroidery, dresses, traditional costumes, white linens, etc. We remarked that nowadays these are probably never taken out of their trunks as today’s women no longer use them. When we realised that this “dowry” from Greek tradition might be going to disappear solely because it had not been incorporated into modern life, we decided we wanted to do something about it – to find a place in everyday modern living for this tradition with all its cultural importance. And that is how the first It’s Αll Greek Οn Μe creations came to be…

You will find the It’s Αll Greek Οn Μe collection in selected stores in Greece and abroad.